Space Game

this is a very short question:
It is posible to create a space game such as star citizen?

With a very large map
were yu can go to any planet
With proceduraly generated terrain

No, you cannot do anything like this in Unreal or most general purpose engines… Here’s some close attempts, that now appear to be vaporware sadly… Example1Example2 … :(… Speaking of vaporware, how many times has SC failed to ship… Its a clue to how difficult this is to pull off, unless you have Outerra etc (which is not cheap). Epic themselves don’t appear to have any interest in this topic overall in general. Not planetary or universe rendering, not even runtime terrain etc.

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Summary of ongoing planet / terrain projects…
Petition Epic to add this feature to UE4/UE5…

It’s untrue that “you can’t do anything” you can, you just need to write your own stuff to do it.

That said, earth is around 501,100,000 km^2.
if each tile in the world map is 1km and it takes 5sec to generate and add into world composition… do some basic math and you’ll realize that having a 1:1 Real Data world is an impossibility. 14,531,320,000,000 days to add the tiles.

If you go at it peocedurally with random stuff its not as daunting. Most procedures are explained in the topic linked above.

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To be fair, you can’t do anything like that ‘out of the box’ dude. :wink:
‘You just need to write your own stuff’… Don’t make me laugh…

How many devs on here have actually managed to get close?
This area is high-specialized and difficult, really difficult to nail.
One dev has spent a decade focusing on it almost exclusively.

If it wasn’t you probably wouldn’t be ‘struggling’ here right now…
So, beginning your own challenge? Add yourself to the thread:cool:

My needs are different then what the engine allows for. I need a realistic 1:1 scale and Lidar mapped geo spacial referenced zone for archeological purposes.
This is not something I would expect Epic to even begin to touch.
The other thing World Composition doesn’t do that I need is Earth’s Curvature. (tall building 10km away needs to dip below the horizon appropriately).

So yes I’ll end up writing my own stuff. and No, it’s most definitely Not a challenge. It just takes time.
Literally tons of us developers have done customized world maps for their own projects over the years in different engines.

Are the Epic Provided world composition tools Inadequate? YES.
Can they stand to be fixed up? YES.
There is no question about these 2 points. But that doesn’t mean that it’s “impossible” to work with them.
(AS far as what CAN stand fixing. the Tile Importer really needs work. The ability to set the Z position, as well as the overall offset of the tiles (a start position for tile 0,0) would really be helpful.)

I can even get Virtual Texturing to work on World Composition with simple run of the mill work-arounds that require no coding.