Space game underway - Looking for the right kind of help

Early stages of development, but well on my way.
This is the 5th game I will be releasing.
With some good help, maybe for profit plus I want to release this on console if all goes right.

Looking for some Blueprint assistance and Modeling and Design assistance.
If you are interested, send me an email of your helpful skills. [EMAIL=“”]

Send you a mail.

I obviously do not want to be scammed, so real Unreal game devs only, please. I will obviously also ask for proof of skills.

yehh I can understand that I already got scammed 2times here. sadly I lost my old account.

Well, all I can say is if you were with Polydigital, why didn’t you state that? Why do you use more than 3 different names to do work with others? Plus, I am not sure you realize, but you keep sending duplicate emails to me for every game I come on here to seek help for. You always state “you’re making the same game and my game caught your eye”. Like tower defense, RPG game, and space game. I might understand if you constantly loose your account, but, really… I see a lot of red flags, but if they are false flags, I would suggest picking who you are and sticking with it. It would be less suspicious. I really don’t mean to sound like an ass. But as you even said, mostly scammers on here instead of real game devs. Always want to make sure, or else I constantly waste time and effort and potentially loose game concepts.