Space game idea

As I have no programming knowledge and no money, I wanted to leave an idea for the game here. Maybe someone will take advantage of this.

Game genre: space tourism

Game idea: A space travel game in which:
We choose the route, e.g. Earth - Mars,
Then we choose the ship we want to go on a trip,
And finally, we choose the time of our journey / the speed of our ship.
The real time needed to complete the route or reduced as much as the player wants.
Reduced time = increased speed without warp drive because this is a tourist trip

The game can be multiplayer or single player
On board the spaceship, our character:
-She will have a hunger bar
-Ability to travel with or without gravity
-We will be able to lie down when we want to turn off the game:

In multiplayer, if we choose the long way, our character will wake up when we enter the world and continue our journey

On board the spacecraft, it will be possible to:
-Playing mini-games
-Visit a restaurant when our character feels hungry
-Flirt with guys or girls in voice chat
-Ability to do role play

-Landing on a planet and exploring it
-Buildings on the planet or without
-Ability to visit all planets and moons
-Ability to mod the game
-Ability to make your own ship model

I absolutely don’t want to reduce your motivation but I don’t see ACTION space game need action and explosion or it gets boring and repetitive (personal expirience)

space game you get a big advantage not having a landscape you go all in with effects explosions heavy meshes making the user’s hardware look better than it is the oldest trick in the video game industry and if you do a game for a VR I think it can work and sell a lot but you have to add a lot of action to keep users from anoing space is boring!!!

VrChat don’t need explosions

Disagreed. We absolutely need explosions. :boom:

I wanted to leave an idea for the game here. Maybe someone will take advantage of this.

Besides that, without the means of execution, ideas aren’t worth much - pretty much worthless.

Possibility to make your own “scenarios”
Horror and Action?

I was joking about the explosions.

But if you are serious about the whole thing, consider looking into how GDDs are made:

Do find extra sources and example, and read up, explore!

I have no programming knowledge and no money

You can still produce a killer concept and be a part of game development but it has to be done the right way! There are arguments out there for the GDDs becoming a thing of the past. No proof of concept = no dice.

There are countless ideas out there. If the gameplay loop is supposed to revolve around playing mini games and (homo)erotic chinwag, these have been explored too many times already… And space setting is unlikely to add much.

Sorry to rain on your parade but good luck all the same.


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I actually like this idea a lot, but maybe is because I have been an astronomy nerd since I remember.
One thing I would add, which I think it would entail a lot of mathematics and probably not much appeal to other people but oh well (have I mentioned I am a nerd?) is that you were able to look out the window and depending which part of the trip you are on, being able to see the stars and other celestial bodies from that perspective…

Anywaaaay, again, it does not represent much action or anything ,so yeah sounds unreal (but aren;t we in the unreal… engine here?)… LOL

I’m done nerding out, cheers!

The game involves space tourism so rooms with windows etc should be included

Isted VrCiat suk and is not even a videogame!!! is role play game wit personlazzed avatars… no score no points no kill no winers!! VrCiat suk is full a sexual maniac and pedo bears…

listen to this guy:

carefully, before you waste years.

There’s a pretty good somewhat related documentary, too:

Ups and downs are a part of game dev. However, ideas are only cool on paper. :expressionless:

You know, there is such a thing as fun / games for tourists

Google Maps! So pure. :wink:

But seriously, there’s a bunch of games for soothing the soul - exploration, meditation, mindless clickers. And they do deliver.

Game genre: space tourism

It could work, sure. But you’re offering next to nothing. No one is going to pick it up.

On the other hand, nothing should stop you from trying to put together a small project yourself. A proof of concept will be worth so much more than yet another paragraph about an esoteric game idea.

As I have no programming knowledge and no money, I wanted to leave an idea for the game here. Maybe someone will take advantage of this.

They won’t, but you can start learning today and get something impressive done by the end of the year.

If I could learn it, I would have done it a long time ago

But you can learn it.
Just start small, from easy tutorials, then do very simple game.
And some day you will know how to make this one, from this topic.

I would say start with GODOT (smaller and simpler than unreal, has better documentation and tutorials). And when you know how to make games there, come back to unreal.