Space Debris and Jump Piggy [Free Mobile Games]

My first games made in UE4. They are small, casual and free games for mobile. Not a lot of people have seen them and I don’t have the budget to advertise them. So anyone who could check the games out and any critiques you have are really welcome. (If the links don’t work tell me or search them in the stores with the name I provided.)

Space Debris 2019: Its a game about space debris that you need to move to avoid blowing the space ship.
Android -…ceDebris&hl=en
IOS -…462895462?ls=1
(I noticed its hard for people to swipe. Tips its Click and swipe. Needs a update in the future of some kind of in game example or just intuitive swipe.)

Jump Piggy: Its a game about jumping pig that you need to move to stay in circles.
Android -…umpPiggy&hl=en
IOs - Soon

A third game coming out soon.