Space Combat Kit - 6DoF Spaceflight with combat AI, Fighter, Capital ship and more included

Now submitted and available for Pre-Purchase from Sellfy!

Hello there. I’m working on the Space Combat Kit, a 100% blueprint kit which will feature everything you need to get started making your own space combat game. You can check out my website here:
Facebook here:

The kit also incudes models exclusive to this kit from MSGDI, who’s work you can check out here:
The kit is designed so it’s very easy to add new turrets, fighters or capital ships with different weapons loadouts.

Current Feature List:
Firelance]( Capital Ship (model and ShipCapital blueprint - follow splines, or control them directly)
Hawk]( Fighter Ship (model and ShipFighter blueprint - 6DoF movement - third person or cockpit view)
Fighter AI - including avoidance for obstacles
Spline Follower Component - to make capital ships (or anything else you add it too) follow preset flight paths
Turrets - 3 animated turrets and 4 types of AI included (anti-fighter, anti-capital, anti-all, and parentcontrolled)
Weapons - Animated cannons, miniguns, missile launchers and torpedos all included - meshes and blueprints
Instanced Destructible Asteroid Field - spawns hundreds to thousands of destructible instanced asteroids before hurting performance plus six asteroids included
SpaceScape - several premade SpaceScapes (Free program to make your own space backgrounds) and a skybox blueprint with optional asteroids
Cockpit - Interactive joystick included, as well as modular buttons and panels you can add and tie to your own variables
Example Game Mode - Join the space pirates or space cops, and spawn in that teams capital ships animated hangar. AI will spawn too. Take out the enemy teams capital!
BP_ObjectiveMarker - 3D objective marker. Defaults to show friendly and enemy fighters and turrets. Can be disabled or attached to anything else, it’s color changed.
Aim Prediction - Target enemy fighters and get a reticule that positions itself based on where you should fire given the speed of your weapons and target velocity. Highly accurate!
Full VR Support
Observer pawn with camera controls - make your own Battlestar Galactica inspired cuts, tracks and zooms!

Replication - 90% there. Ships and weapons are all replicated, as is spawning. Not included is the option to join/host servers, but I can set you up with a video on how to do that if you like. I would like to add this option in the near future so the kit is just good to go for multiplayer stuff.


You can view my first tutorial on adding in a new ship (mesh and materials) here:

And my tutorial on setting up a new Fighter (Panther*) with weapons here:

And part one of setting up the Tempest Carrier* mesh and materials here:

And part two where the Tempest Carrier* is set up as a flyable capital ship here:

Many more tutorials will be forth coming, that will be short, sweet, and show how modular and interactive the kit is.

*Not included, video meant to both demonstrate how easy it is to swap in your own ship meshes, and advertise MSGDI’s available ships, who made the ships that come with the kit. The Firelance Cruiser and the Hawk Fighter are included with the Space Combat Kit. Other ships from the same artist are available at

This post is reserved for the upcoming documentation.

What scale are the models you used at? I’m guessing it would be impractical to use the normal 1uu = 1cm scale.

Yeah, the ships used are low-poly and designed to be scaled up, so they’re not 1uu = 1cm. I’ll get the exact specifications when I get home. That said, the PBR and high quality materials look so great it hardly matters, even scaled up, at least IMO.

Just for an update, we’re altering the kit a bit to better match the requirements. We initially had only the DemoLevel which is a minigame/battle between two carriers to show off the features and what you can do - and a very basic overview map. We are now working on expanding the overview map to include demonstrations of everything the kit comes with and how you can alter it, which is taking some time since there is a fair bit included. Hoping to resubmit very soon :slight_smile:

Waiting for release

This is awesome! Looking for something like that. Can you tell me: is it compatible with Unreal Engine 4.16.2 ? Then i will buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the late reply.

It is indeed compatible with 4.16.2.

In fact, 4.17 isn’t quite out yet. We’re cleaning some things up and working on new features. I will be updating to 4.17 tonight or tomorrow.

Still waiting for the review process on the marketplace :slight_smile:

Hey Pinworm,

Got a question would this work under version 4.15.3?

Just curious :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I made this with 4.16 and rely on some 4.16 features (especially for VR). There might be trouble with making the blueprints backward compatible. But the assets themselves like the ships should still work.