Space Arena, finally!!!

Hi all, we a finish, the our template, named, “Space Battle Arena”.
Special develop, for novice UE4 users.
We love this engine, we love this community!

Tomorrow, i’m post on Epic games, for publishing in Marketplace.

Friends, sorry, but do not depend on us when you can see this content, we did it, but when Epic Games release it, it does not depend from us. :frowning:

We create more and more free content…


  • Audio “Thriller”


  • 8bit era music


  • ofcourse Substance Designer pack material!!!

Some intro to Space Battle Arena
i hope you like it, well, just a little. :slight_smile:

Thanks all! And Best Regards.

-DNMan Team


Wow ! More than impressive ! I am fan ^^

And it is free content!!

Looking great Dneproman! As I mentioned before, thanks for all your hard work! :slight_smile:

oh many thanks!

I most want, to fill Marketplace with free, exclusive and quality content!
To all new users who are just taking their first steps, in the development of this beautiful and high polished technology, simply felt the support…

All our content we produce exclusive only to Unreal Engine users; not Unity, CryEngine, Havok, Torque, or any other…only UE users, and only best content.

This is like exclusive for PS or XBOX :slight_smile:

Sorry it took so long is the procedure to add content… :frowning:

  • Best Regards.

Looks impressive!

I’d say next you should go for a medieval themed city, with multiple layers, e.g. sewers, streets, houses & roofs :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahah just kidding mate, good job and kudos for sharing it with the community!

Hi all!
Now, in this time, i sent to Epic, my submission for marketplace.

I hoping that you will soon be able to enjoy this scene and use it in your best projects!

“Orino” - Battle Arena
Tech Detail:

2 Tier
75+ 3D Models
40+ 1K, 2K Textures
10 Particle FX
10 SoundFX
4 Music Themes

  • Fully exterior detail

Thanks all!

Best Regards!

Research Station “Orino” waiting for visitors! :slight_smile:




Thanks @Horus!

And i am sorry, but we do not produce content on your order!

Everything we do, it is like a part of our work.
Simply from the fact that we do, on this basis we create a separate content, especially for Unreal Engine users.
We love this engine, we want to make this technology has become the most-most in all aspects!
In our every working day, we select a particular time and just do content.

If we work on a medieval theme, you definitely will see from us is free and high-quality content!
And ofcourse absolutely FREE.

Medieval theme it’s cool! why not?

Our next content in area 3D:

  • weapon pack with textured in procedural .sbsar maps
  • rock&stone for environment
  • some futuristic bushes and trees for environment


Wow I can’t wait to see this. I’d be more than happy to pay.

Nice work!

Looks really impressive!

Totally blown away by this and the fact that the content is free. Amazing!

Brilliant work.
There’s lot of things we can learn from it, i hope Epic will put it on MarketPlace quickly.

is it possible to find this template somewhere ?

Looks Stunning