Soviet Kitchen

Hello guys! This is our first work for marketplace and first work on Unreal Engine 4 at all. We create realistic asset pack based on high quality PBR materials. This is much of soviet style kitchen props well optimized for game render.

We plan to continue to develop such asset. Leave your comments and ideas, what would you like to see in the next time!




GJ :smiley: five-star hotel!!!

Awesome, looking foward for more!

Looks great, we need a full soviet apartment though, just kitchen won’t be enough:)

Let me tell you a story (style intended):

Comrade Ivan not drink vodka and save money all year. Ivan buy microwave on black market for his mother birthday. His mother cry because she think Ivan is capitalist traitor and microwave is experimental capitalist spy machine. She call KGB and say “Ivan sell his motherland”. KGB execute Ivan for conspiracy to microwave Lenin and send his mother to labor camp for raising a bad communist. Microwave is back to black market. Such is life in mother Russia.

Seriously though: Good job so far, but remove the microwave and put a crappy calendar on the wall:)

It is your kitchen, right? :slight_smile:

Pripyat’s kitchen,! Really nice !! :wink:
How many props and price?
Keep up!

No. But some ellements using from it.

Already working on it!

Exactly one hundred unique objects. Some of theme have meterial skins. We expect to sell for 40$.

Make a more modern version or a version that has just cabinets and shelves

Looks great, I think we used to have this exact furniture, except the sink was white. And there was no microwave of course, and no electric kettle or fancy bottles with dish washing liquid. There were almost no plastic containers of any kind, everything was made out of metal or glass. There should be some hard soap near the sink and a piece of rag instead of foam piece. And at least one glass bottle of sunflower oil, the tall kind, like a vodka bottle but made of green glass. And it should be heavily stained with dried up oil because oil always bought in large 3 liter glass jars and poured into this same bottle through a funnel over and over again. And I am not sure if there were moka pots in the USSR, I didn’t know about their existence until couple of years ago. Also some flowers in pots on the window, with mandatory Aloe plant.

This is absolutely spot on description. Microwave is definitely the biggest offender. I would also add that there were no stainless still hoods like that, unless someone made their own. Stove also looks post-soviet. Remember, if it was made after 1991, it’s not Soviet.

I expect this will be a problem, apparently is to rename the pack on Post-Soviet Kitchen.

We also tried to make the way the different glass items. But we could not make high-quality materials for these bottles.

Definitely looking good… I’d add a few more edges to that faucet those so it’s a bit smoother

We do all things a very optimized.

Another sink angle:


Overview Map:


How long should I wait ? }: D

We are waiting for a check from Epic Games.
We do not know how long we have to wait .