Sourcing the UE4 files offline

I have what is probably the world’s worst internet connection and as such, I’m unable to download the UE4 files at all (with the exception of the Launcher).

Are the UE4 files available as a set of DVD’s?

Don’t you have WiFi areas where you live or webcafes?

I’m two hours from the nearest wi-fi hotspot or webcafe.

Even if you were close to one, this isn’t the answer. I, along with many others have requested an offline download. I had to sneak my 65lb computer into a college to be able to get Unreal, since I live in the middle of the country and don’t own a laptop.

In the 80s there were computer magazines full of listings and we typed them in manually :slight_smile:

Get someone to send you a HDD with it on there, thats probably a good solution if you want any significant amount of UE4 versions and marketplace content. You might get away with a usb stick otherwise.