Sources to Learn More of Computer

Hey People !

I am creating this post for those who need/want to know sources to learn C++ or any other Programming Language & Most of Computing (Computation, about Computers) From.

I request everyone who read this to add in something, it won’t damage but rather help. You can also Rate and Tell Which is much better in your personal opinion because that would help as well !

Now, the first and foremost on the list is/are Books. And for that, you can search the Local Market, or Amazon. I have a WishList Created in which there are several important books but Not All of Them are related so I will make a new one and move them in there and then post the link.

Note : Most of what I am providing deal with Video Tutorials and I am not mentioning the ones that have things in Text mostly as I do not really go there unless I have to search for a problem or anything like such/so. But you are welcome to add in Such Places if you want.

Here are a few Important Websites that I have currently in mind.

Lynda - : A Great Website for all sorts of training ranging from CG to Programming. It even teaches some life lessons and hacks and music as well !

PluralSight - : This website is great to learn about Computers & their Languages. It is only Oriented towards Computers. Give it a try.

Digital Tutors - : A very Interactive & Visually Appealing Website which is a Subsidiary of PluralSight as of now, and is more about Computer Graphics which include Courses on Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing, Animation, Rendering, Compositing & Whole Package of Game Development. But well, there is more to it. With Subscription to Pluralsight which starts at mere 30 USD/month, you get complete access to Digital Tutors.

Udemy - - This one is a great website because anyone can Learn & Teach Here/There. You can create your own Lessons and Put them up or you can watch other people’s and learn ! The great thing about this website is that it provides several Free (Completely Free) Tutorial Sets which will get you up and running with almost about anything that is related to that certain topic. It is a must if you want to Learn Something, from Video Tutorials. You should give it a try, I mean.

Infinite Skills - : Another Good Website to learn about Animation related stuffs, or Programming. It teaches from Photoshop to Visual Studio with After Effects & Maya included as well. There are several other Applications, check the website for that. The two flaw are/would be that it is quite a bit Expensive for Hard Copies and is not update very often. Courses come out with each New Version of an Application.

VTC - : Old but Gold, or rather Good. VTC is a great to learn several subjects. Check their Catalogue. They are cheap and great with their Production. Their videos are quite short but they teach a lot in that certain time period. Helpful yet not much time consuming.

Slide Rule - : This one is a lot like Udemy, but they are more like Resellers. Not a lot of people know about this one but they should. This website lets you search for a particular subject and links you to the website that covers what you are looking for. A great website. It ranges from websites like Lynda, Udemy, Coursera to MIT’s Lectures, Skillshare & TutsPlus. You should definitely check this one out. Very much resourceful. Here is a link to an official list provided by them of their Providers, or the Brands They Sell (for free) -

3D Buzz - : The list can never be done without this one. Started by Jason Busby, the Contents on this website has expanded massively. They Range from Subjects like Mathematics to C++ ! They teach you Maya extensively and delve very deep into Game Development. They teach you or about OpenGL so that you learn even more. It’s a great website to learn Several Things. As a matter of fact, as of now, they run Live Classes on MMO Game Making. It is a wonderful website and has been priced at a decent amount as well for the contents that it provides. Check the website out.

3D Total - - A Website that does what the name suggests, although they lack a lot of Courses to make that true. These people teach you about most work required to be done by people like Modelers and Riggers which are essential Gems of Game Making. And initially, I accidentaly typed in gem while typing game. But anyways, it is a pretty nice website to take a look at.

Euclidean Space - - I must mention this website. Martin Baker, the guy who posts on the website who himself is a learner, or is modest enough to call himself so, talks a lot about Computers & Science (rounds up to Science). He posts or has posted about Basics of Computers as well as Advance Level Work and also talks about 3D Game Development or 3D in Computer. Martin has also created a list of Books that you can read to learn even more. Great Guy.

CG Circuit - : These people are also great because they also like other people, delve into Game Development and 3D work in Computers. They include UDK or Unreal Engine’s tutorials as well as C++ so if you want to learn to make a game quickly (it won’t be so **** great though, so try to learn more. Although, Blue-Print is great), you can go here and get running with it. But The thing that separates them from most of them out there is that they have a Course called Skinning with Maya’s NCloth which is a very great courses that I have been looking for a long time and has been taught by a Man from Weta named Andy. It also provides several Free Courses, almost close to enough to let you make and deliver at least one game in no time, even though it will take some, but that is just a figure of speech, an expression.

Khan Academy - : Well, I am including this because this website teaches you a lot things that you might have missed at school or college and takes that beyond as well. Science or Maths, or even History, this website is a solution to all of those.

3D Motive - This should have been up there before 3D Total but it is coming here, well, because 3D Total has it’s own Magazine Line as well. So I think that evens it out. But anyways. 3D Motive is agreat website to learn to model or sculpt or texture or rig or bringing them in Unreal and Making a Whole make or learning all of them. The list doesn’t end there, there is a lot more so to check that up, visit their website. I even think that I saw Cry Engine’s tutorials (wait, what ? Yes. I know Cry Engine’s Tutorials in depth are hard to find, or in other words, they are not quite so famous in tutorial section. But well, Digital Tutors have a few with them.) and Unity is definitely there. They also have a lot of Free Tutorials so check them out for sure.

Bucky’s Place/Room - : This place is a Free Youtube Channel to learn A lot of Subjects. Science, Math, Programming, Editing, etc. Bucky has a lot of them. Check out his website and his youtube channel that goes by the same username.

Skill Feed - : This one is also like Udemy. And the great thing is that they also have a very vast range of topics covered, very very vast. I don’t have much to say about it as of now. You should give it a try yourself. This one, like several other websites, provide a Free Trial which lasts upto 7 Days. And it is really very much cheap I think as of/for now at 19 USD. Cheapest on the list I believe.

GitHub - : A community for developers where you can interact with other developers, put you code up and ask for help as well. But there is more to it, visit the website and check it out.

Youtube - : Just search there for whatever you need.

Stack Overflow - : A lot of people already know about this one I think. If you have a problem, head over to Stack Overflow either through a Google search for the problem or ask it yourself.

Google - : A Great Search Engine that almost everybody knows about.

Community Forums and Official Websites’ Tutorial Sections - These are almost everywhere, but mostly in writing. But are helpful so you might want to look up at them and learn from there. Search for them, these exists on every websites. And Forums are a great place to get you questions answered. You can even write E-Mails sometimes to the officials.

I think that concludes it as for now. I can’t really think of much names as for now but most of them are Giants at not only what they do but as Brand Name. I initially thought to put them in order, but there can’t really be any order but yet, some of them has more content and great number of of topics covered with more time while some cover vast topics quickly and lack much content but are sufficient enough. To each their own kind of thing, but all of them are great.

I am creating this list so that people won’t have to roam here or there. So if anyone decides to make a post of their own even after reading this one, please, the least and the most helpful you could be at the same time by posting a link to your thread on this post. It helps a lot of people to get their resources together. I spent a lot of time searching for them and I still am, search won’t end, it is just like Knowledge. But Searching is Knowledge and vice-versa. But having to search for one to get to several helps a lot.

So please, I request you all, whatever you have, just contribute in.

And also, I will add more if I come across something that I feel like it should be here or if anything helpful hits me, a name of a website or what-so-ever, I will add it/them in.

And below is a list of Links to Several C++ & Maya Courses.

Thank You ! :o

SkillFeed :- List of All Topics :
C++ & C’s Brothers and Sisters :
Development Courses :
Maya :
Unreal Engine :

Udemy :-
C++ : C++ Courses | Learn C++ Now with Online Training and Classes | Udemy
Maya : Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy
You Might Want to Give This One a Try : A Rookie's Guide to C++ | Udemy (Watch the preview First, of course)
Digital Tutors :-
By Software :
3D Section :
Maya :
Game Development :
Unreal Engine :
Note : There is a programming section, but it doesn’t concern itself with C++ training so for that, you will have to switch to PluralSight, which now is also getting a lot of Maya Courses.

PluralSight C++ :

Infinite Skills :-
C ++ : O'Reilly Media - Technology and Business Training
Maya : O'Reilly Media - Technology and Business Training

VTC :-
C ++ :
Maya : You are going to have to search for it.

Lynda :-
Maya : C++ Online Training Courses | LinkedIn Learning, formerly
C++ : Maya Online Training Courses | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

Note : There are several others but I am not going to add all of them as for now. And just because I have mentioned C++ and Maya doesn’t mean the list end there. Search (on) and Explore the site, you will find very useful materials.

Edit : And I know that you people probably already are very much familiar with several of these, probably experts. But there are/could be some people who might need these. Like if someone wants to switch their Profession or wants to know more or simply, Wants To Start Learning Any of The Things Provided and Taught on The Website.