Source Texture in Rect Lights Not Working in UE 5.1?

Hi, has anyone else noticed that when adding a source texture to a rect light, that it isn’t working in UE 5.1? Funny thing is that I had it working yesterday, but if I change the texture today it’s just turning the light black?!


can confirm, this is happening in my project since updating to 5.1

Can’t pinpoint the cause yet, it seems almost random. Works fine at first when applying texture/opening project, then after moving/scaling the light, sometimes it just goes black, including all the other rectlights which have textures in the scene. Only solution I could find so far is to restart UE each time this happens.

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Yeah I have found the same thing. I went back to version 5.0.3 and works fine but 5.1 is definitely bugged. I’ve submitted a bug report so hopefully it can be patched asap.