Source not available while debugging with AGDE?

I was trying AGDE according to this doc Debugging Android Projects in Visual Studio with AGDE | Unreal Engine Documentation

It seems I can get to my code but not the engine code… Here’s a simple test I did, I’ve got a trigger box in the scene that crashes the game on overlap. When it crashes, it reaches my code as expected:

But if I try to see some unreal’s function in callstack, it says source not available…

Has anyone else tried AGDE? I mean it seems like a great improvement compared to the old Android Studio workflow (Android Debugging | Unreal Engine Documentation) but it is basically unusable…

At least you were able to connect AGDE to the device. Mine says there are ambiguous two processes (?!). I am trying to debug crashes on Oculus Quest 2, and was able to see a stacktrace using Oculus Debugger for VSCode or Android Studio. Yet, as well as in your case, no engine sources are displayed in any of those debuggers.

Hey I think Epic may have left out the Android PDB (or the equivalent files)

I was able to find time to make a source build UE4 (instead of the launcher version I was using before…) and debug my project with AGDE and it worked as expected. No more assembly (that is until I reached some Android stuff…)

As for the ambiguous two processes, I have a cloudy impression that I’ve seen this. IIRC it was just 2 processes on my PC trying to debug the same Android device. Just shoot the usual culprits, Android Studio, UE4, any commandline running adb, etc. But whatever it was that I encountered, it didn’t bug me very long so I’m not certain it’s the same thing as yours.

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Did your launcher build have Editor Symbols for Debugging checked?

I tried as well with them included and still got Source Not Available.
Just wondering if there’s some other trick to it.

I’m currently compiling an Installed Build based on 4.27.2 source with full debug info, so I guess I’ll find out, but I still think it’d be useful info since decent AGDE threads are few and far between.
Guess I should also try AGDE with a source non-installed build.