Source Length for Point Lights are Rotated Incorrectly when used with Static Lighting

Hello to anyone who is reading this post…hopefully someone from Epic eventually.

So, my team recently upgraded our engine to 4.19.1 and the switch has been mostly positive thus far. That is up until the point where I discovered the issue in the title of this topic. The big problem here is that we are working on a VR title, and if you know a little about VR development, we need to use mostly static lighting in order to maintain performance. With that said, I have been using a large number of static point lights that are using the Source Length property. As you can imagine, this issue has really botched large areas of my level’s lighting environment.

I cannot be the only one that this affects in a major/negative way, and sincerely believe this issue should have a high priority as it is a complete regression in behavior from 4.18.3. It has already been reported and can be tracked by following the link UE-56344