Source help

Hello i downloaded the source clicked on start.bat
Setup.bat -exclude=Linux -exclude=Linux32 -exclude=osx32 -exclude=osx64 -exclude=IOS -exclude=HTML5 -exclude=Android
Because i only want to work for windows.
When that was finished
GenerateProjectFiles.bat -Currentplatform
That was finished aswell but when i look in the source
Programs > Automation > i see android etc but i only selected windows…

Is there a way to remove everything but not windows.

Follow this tutorial here. “Building Unreal Engine from Source | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation
If something is wrong remember to post on the answehub. It’s pretty helpfull over there! :slight_smile: Hope you get it working. (Also, Why do you want to build the source? You can download the program from the launcher.)