Source for free placeholder animations/models

Hey all,

I’m currently working on the prototype of a game that will have a sky diving feature and I’m wondering if there’s a source for free animations/models I could use as placeholders? My profession is programming and unfortunately I don’t have Maya/Max, nor am I proficient in them. Is there a good source to get the kind of placeholders I’m looking for?


Here you can find animations/meshes:

probably you will find what you are looking for :slight_smile: has some free stuff also, including models and animations. hope this helps

Characters and animations

Also the Unity Asset store has tons of free and cheap assets:
NOTE While it takes some converting understanding, and you need a basic knowledge of Unity, it’s not that hard to get content, pull it directly from the Assets folder, open the FBX in Maya, scale it up (typically by 100), fix UV map overlap, export FBX, import into Unreal. Many of the companies that sell on the Unity Asset store have their own sites where you can purchase directly from them and they generally offer the raw FBX.