Source Effect Preset Chain Asset - where is it? - 4.19p3

Hi guys,

I wanted to experiment with Effects, so I grabbed the latest 4.19p3, but there are no source effects preset in the sounds menu:

I build my project in 4.16.3, and there the sound effect preset is listed under ‘misc’, no ‘sounds’, but it crashes UE when I plug things around and simulate…

Audio plugins are enabled… and when I load the 4.16 project into 4.19, the submixes are in the project, but I can’t add any new … What could be wrong?


My best guess is the 4.19 engine hasn’t been .ini-flipped to new mixer.

You still have to turn the AudioMixer on, it’s not on by default.

Additionally, you need to activate the Synthesis plugin which stores all our DSP objects. Check out the tutorial sticky at the top of the forum!

Yeah, our hope was to flip the switch on the audio mixer for Fortnite before 4.19, but I was on paternity for a month for 4.19 and fornite battle royale took some time from the audio programming team to do some features this last month. This is relevant because I don’t want to flip it on by default until we’ve shipped Fortnite with the audio mixer. This is to make sure we’ve had a chance to shake out any bugs that only show up when millions of people use it.

To be clear, it’s super close for that as we’ve been testing the audio mixer internally with Fornite on all platforms (PC, XboxOne, PS4) since November and Fortnite runs with the audio mixer great (using the backwards compat features), just haven’t yet made the official flip.

Ahhh! Thanks all… Shame on me!
Dan, I’ve been reading the tutos -a few times even- I thought it was already switched ages ago. I feel so silly :wink:

So all this time I’ve been using the old ‘device’, with the new ‘mixer2’ … tss… Triggering the synths worked well thought! (in 4.16.3).
I’ve started experimenting with the synths and ‘analog modelling’ for the VR-TR’s, mixing samples and synths… great stuff!

Thanks again for all the replies, time to lay down some cool effects-mix-busses!

Yeah, a secret is that the synthesis stuff (the subtractive synth and friends) work in the old audio engine! I don’t highlight that since it works better in the audio mixer, and I want something fun to talk about for audio mixer. They’re based on an object which is used in both the new and old audio engine (USoundWaveProcedural). This object, incidentally, was written ages ago, primarily to support in-engine VOIP and wasn’t really thought out. But it was a hidden gem of awesomeness that I turned into a full-blown synthesis engine.

The audio mixer does synthesis much better than the old – every synth callback is actually in an async task and is treated like any other source decode. This should allow you to be able to run more synthesizers without risking underruns in the audio mixer.

Also, with the audio mixer you get source effects and submix effects, which are really cool.

Thx for the info! That explains why I could play along in the older versions… with the old ‘device’ mixer!
I’ve started playing with the effects, routing and stuff in 4.19, they are indeed very cool, and sound good too! (most importantly). Great work!

@Minus_Kelvin - do you know what the current state of the audio mixer is with regard to platform support in 4.20?

Sorry to bump this one but my question is pretty much the same. I think I have the new audio engine turned on (I added the line of code to the .ini file, and I can add the Synth Components to BPs etc.) but the Sound Effect Source Presets and the other stuff are not showing up in my content browser. Not under Audio, not under Misc. What am I missing? Thanks