Source Effect DSPS cannot be applied to SubMix Effect Chains? (or am I wrong?)


I’ve noticed that the so-called “Source Effects” seem to be only applicable to Sound Cues and cannot be applied to SubMix effect chains? Submix effects are a different (and much less varied) selection of DSP effects?

Is this the case or have I missed something? If so, I’m curious as to why we can’t apply the source effects to a submix - I have a case where I need to be able to do that!


They are different types, yes; This is because Submix Channel configurations are based on the audio device output number whereas Source Effect channel configurations are based on source asset channel num (and currently Source Effects only support mono/stereo whereas Submix Effects have to support a variety of possible output configurations).

Ahhh thanks Dan… I knew there would be a reason. Bit of a shame unfortunately that there’s no way to in-line add the other effects to a whole Submix though - any plans to look at expanding the DSP FX available for Submixes?

Definitely. Adding effects in both cases is an ongoing thing!