Source directory structure

Does source directory structure have to be kept like it was stated in answer here: Answer (Classes, Private and Public directories) or can I store them any way I want? Is it revelant to any of Unreal Engine Tools? (Unreal Header Tool for example)

you will get fastest compile times using the directory structure that new projects use

this requires adding the .h header to every .cpp

For very large projects you might find you prefer classes, public, private, as I do, and as the Engine and Shootergame use


I have a header for every source file. :smiley: I just meant the “classes, public and private” directories. For years i been using different structure so I would really like us it when working with UE4 too. :smiley:

I can not find related artilces or documetations about “classes, public and private” directories structure.

You can check here, but I suspect there is some error.

This one is better.