Source Control with Perforce:

Hey, Hello.

I’ve always used unreal without source control, and now I’m about to start a project with a small team, and we decided to integrate it to a source control server.
We’re using Perforce, and I’ve set a server, and everything is running and seems good.

However, some strange things are happening, and I think I messed up when uploading the files to Perforce server.
I followed the instructions on the documentation page. My project is a c++ project, and I copied the files they mentioned on the documentation and pushed into Perforce Server.
I can access and open my project, however I can’t create a c++ classes anymore, because visual studio won’t start.

Here is my local workspace:

Here is the files on my depot:
Dib_DESKTOP,,  Dib - Perforce Helix P4V.jpg

Here is some images of the errors:

Registro de Saída.jpg

Registro de Mensagem.jpg

Can someone help me identify what I did wrong?
And sorry about my english, not my native language.


Hi, Berj!

There is clear message about access.

So, please check:

  1. You have and can run Visual Studio 2015

  2. You have files writable (after adding to Perforce you’ll get them “Read Only”).



Hey, hello and thanks for the answer.

I already checked out those errors. Visual studio is installed and running with no errors, it’s also set to run as administrator. About the unauthorized access messages, they change every time I compile the project. I went checking the files to see if they were marked as read-only, but they aren’t.

One thing I did not try yet: Have all the workspace folders/files as writable. I’ll try this solution later, and see if this somehow solves the error.