Source Control Submit Files Window

Just checking if I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t see any option for submitting all checked out files in UE5. In UE4 the Source Control dropdown would have the option to submit changes, but in UE5 there’s no similar option in the Source Control option in the bottom right.

When right clicking a checked out file or multiple selected checked out files in the Content Browser I can use the Check In option to the get the Submit Files window with just those files, but the workflow is way better with the old UE4 option where I don’t have to find every modified file individually.

Not a big deal at the moment, but hopefully it’s there and I just haven’t found it yet or it’s just an oversight and will be added soon.


As a follow up, in the docs for “One File Per Actor” I saw the note “During Early Access, changelist support is only available when using Perforce as your source control provider.”.

I was using SVN which is why the “View Changelists” option that’s in UE5 that with Perforce gives a good submission window for all the checked out files wasn’t working. Obviously there should be the same submission window as in UE4 for SVN (and others) eventually, but for me, since this is a new project I’ve just switched over to using Perforce and the Changelists window seems to work great.

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I’ve had a similar experience. Using Perforce, it seems the intended workflow is to work primarily in the Changelists window. You can right-click → submit a changelist, so I’ve been doing it from there. Not as intuitive as before, but it works.

The Source Control button has a Check out modified files option, but nothing for submitting.