Source Control - Renaming an asset should keep its history in source control!

I would like to suggest that the unreal engine editor 4.17 be improved to better handle the source control history when renaming/moving assets.

Currently, when the artist renames an asset (AName_PhysicsAsset.uasset to ANewName_PhysicsAsset.uasset) in the content browser then fixes-up redirectors, this results in a loss of all AName.uasset history.

In the attached pictures, we can see that after all the operation the ANewName_PhysicsAsset.uasset has only one version in Perforce History.

Would it be possible to improve unreal Editor code to use the Perforce “Rename/Move…” functionality so the history would be kept when the artists rename asset?

@**kjustynski: **Perforce handles correctly the history when we rename directly in the P4V UI.