Source Control problem - No item in the provider list

I download the source and build the engine from git, then uploaded them to a perforce depot.

But when my teammates get the whole project through perforce, the source control is still unset.

And in the source control login window, the provider list is empty, nothing to be chosen.

Anyone ever had this problem before?

My best guess is that I might ignore too much subfolders when upload, so any clues which ones shold be ignored?
I’ve skipped the folders below on the first upload:

  • \Engine\Plugins\

Problem solved.

It’s because I’ve also ignore the /Engine/Plugins/ folder (way too big)
There’s some source control plugins in it including p4 and git whose binaries are needed by my teamates.

I skipped them because I thought they might be generated automatically when the editor was run for one time(since it’s so big).