source control on hosted web space?

ey up

so i have loads of space on a server with full access and rights, its an apache server.
for some time ive been trying to figure out how to use source control with it.
i asked the company (OVH) if i could set up perforce on it and they said yes, but for the life of me i cant figure out how, and they do not have any useful info either.

does anyone know how i would go about setting this up?


Using Google would help:

A web server has nothing to do with Perforce. Apache isn’t the operating system it runs on either, that’s the web server software you have on it already. You need full shell access to install Perforce.

thanks for the tip very helpful never heard of google before lol
so how do you install perforce on an apache server that you rent some space on?

not my area of expertise by no means, but you should talk to your server host, they should be able to help you a lot, if not set it up for you where you can use it, if not, they aren’t worth having.

thanks i did talk to them
they said there is no reason why i cannot do it but had no info at all on how to

wish I knew more, kinda limited knowledge on the subject.

what information did they give you or can you get from them, like did they supply you with something like E:/tegleg or something?
if you have this information, try loading something onto it and see what happens, then go from there.
sounds like they are just being mean, or the ones you are talking to don’t know what they are doing or just aren’t allowed to help.

also, like sswires said you need some sort of shell access, think of it as another hard drive on your computer, that you just added, that is blank.
I might be confusing you more than helping tho. sorry

i have access to everything, they have a manager thing where you can install things like e-commerce ect but no svn or anything
yes i think it was a case of who i talked to had no idea. later i found this page that ‘explains’ it in french (im not good with french)
i get stuck before the first step, its saying something about connecting in SSH, it all seems very complicated and hasnt worked, or i cant work out what to do.
i wondered if anyone had done this kind of thing already and could give a rundown in laymans terms (in english)

guess ill just keep trying things

Yes. The first thing you have to do is to connect via SSH. If you are on windows you could use PuTTY to do that. This way you can access the shell of the server. After that it’s just like using the OS’s commandline.
The question is: Does your plan even give you SSH access to your server? It sounds to me like you just have a webhosting plan (I mean you don’t even seem know the OS your server is using). Most of the time these don’t really give you full access to the server.

copy n paste the URL into google, a translate button will show up, click

this is the url in English you posted:

also try searching sourceforge for a good svn if that is what you want or need?? I think that’s what that page refers to, might be another page you’re probably looking for
but maybe this will give you a starting point or someone might see what you need in those docs, gl :confused:

ps: I see Tomura knows a lot more than I, will leave it with someone more knowledgeable than I am, again gl

yes i have full access to everything, i just dont know anything about servers.

on that page it says “Once logged into SSH on your hosting, you must create the root directory of the svn deposits and then the deposit”
how would i log into SSH?

You need to use some kind of Client for that. PuTTY is what I use. (just search for it.)
You have to specify the servers Host Name (or IP) and the port that is used for SSH inside PuTTY. If you open a connection a commandline window will appear. You will then be asked for your login name and password.
Your server provider should have provided these to you. In my case I was able to log in as root the first time with my root-password. (If that’s the case I’d recommend you to create another user and give him access to SSH and disallow root to directly log in via SSA to make your server a bit more secure, but worry about that later)

I’d back out into the rest of the docs and have a look at all your options first.

need a translator here! lol

google link, that video might be good place to start too:

omg, I need to bow out of this one, only thing I’ve ever done is with my website that I parked not long ago, and I had some very helpful people there and a nice setup. AllWebCo I think it was

on the manager page i can add an SSH Key
this wants me to put an ID and a Key
what do i need to do?


BTW there is an English help site for ovh.
This might help you with their specific systems, that they have in place.
From what I’ve read it seems like you can login with the same username and password as your FTP account, but it would be best if you read about it yourself.

yeah this is just going in circles again
ive sent another message to their technical help, fingers crossed somebody who knows what they are doing answers this time

thanks for the help everyone

This isn’t something you can install on an existing server, but it is a cloud hosted repository:

Not sure what their pricing is, but it’s probably worth checking out.

thanks joe
after i logged in it wanted my credit card details, nowhere did it say if it cost or how much, might give that one a miss ta.

what sites do other people use?
is it free, any good?