Source control of source assets

We have Subversion running with UDK 4 and it seems to be working pretty well.

However our authoring software is Modo which produces .lxo files

We’ve found that if we put these into the project directory UDK4 doesn’t pick them up and so we can’t use the inbuilt source control to revision our source assets.

I was wondering if

o) Is there a way of handling the source control from within UDK4 for the source assets?
o) What are other teams doing if not? Do you simply get a Subversion client and revision manually through that?

I would like to keep the source data with the .fbx so that if we branch the project then the source data branches with it.


The source control integration with UE4 only goes so far as handling assets that Unreal understands. Source data needs to be managed using a separate client like TortoiseSVN. There are other options of course!