Source Control: How to specify the repository that ue connects to


I’m using git in the project.
I’m having a subfolder in /content/myLibrary folder that I track in a different repo. The sub-folder is excluded from the main repo of course.
It all “works” but the problem is that I don’t have access to the nice features of the source control integration in that sub project. Diffs of the history would be super nice. Is that supported as a stand alone that I could just call from my version control diff tool ?

If not, is it possible to specify the “Root of the repository” is some settings file somewhere?

If so I could just use the integration for my subproject when I need the diffs.

Hi, I am the author of the Git plugin in Unreal Engine.

Sorry, this feature has already been asked at least once, and I dedicated some time to dig into that, but it is adding a degree of complexity that is not very nice to have.

What is the path you track in a subdir? is it directly Content/ or even a subdir of Content/ ?

If you want me to add this feature, please open an issue for my updated standalone version of the plugin that I maintain as a development branch Git Plugin v2:


Hei there!

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:

I think my use-case might be a bit special, though I got the technique from the threads so there are other people doing it that way so they too loose the diff etc. for sub-repos.
We have a common library and then specific projects and we might work on several at the same time. We don’t have those repos in the root of Content - details in ps.

I don’t even need all of those repos to be “active” at the same time, but I’d be fine with manually entering which repo I want to track when I want to diff something. That way I imagine that just manually input of “Root of the repo” could be enough for me so I can enter the path to the active repo back and forth upon need.

Thanks again for getting back, I’ll reach out in the project for the stand alone git plugin v2.


Here is the architecture

-.git (-> .gitignore ignores all folders that are in other repos)


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