Source Control Features

Here are a few things I would love to see added / adjusted.

Option to revert unchanged files on the Submit Files dialog just like in P4V.

Delete the old file when moving it to a different location in the Content Browser.
Currently there is an Add for the new location but the file in the old location just gets opened for edit rather than delete.
Edit: You can right click in the content browser and choose “Fix Up Redirectors”.

I also noticed that assets get checked out even though there are no changes which can be a pain when working in a team.
Note: Doing a P4 diff shows that the binary asset files changed even though diffing them in UEd correctly shows no changes.

This also happens if you’re not using source control. The reason for this is, that in a large project it would be a very time consuming process to go through the entire project and update every reference to the moved asset. So what the editor does instead, is to keep a small reference file at the old location, so when something wants to access that asset at its old location, it’s be forwarded to the new location.

Very interesting and I wouldn’t have thought of that. That helped me find the menu command “Fix Up Redirectors” when I right click in the content browser.


This is great. Please add this in svn.

FWIW, unchanged files are always reverted before submitting to source control, so we don’t expose this as an option.