Source Control: Error Project is not part of a Git working copy

I’m having an issue adding my project to GitHub, I’m doing the following;

Source Control > Connect to Source Control,

Provider: Git (beta version)

Git Path: C:\Users\shane\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit_c2ba306e536fdf878271f7fe636a147ff37326ad\bin\git.exe

Then clicking Accept Settings gives me the following error

“Source Control: Error Project is not part of a Git working copy.”

What am I doing wrong?

Im useing v4.7.2 which includes the GIT plugin.


Go to your project folder and open the Command Line.

Type git init and press enter, that should fix it.

Ok, I’m having the same problem but i cannot get “git init” to work. I have git downloaded and installed, so what am I doing wrong?

Hi Pyros! When you type git init what message appears afterwards?

Nothing, which is absolutely infuriating.

Not even “Initialized empty Git repository”?

When you installed git, did you checked the option “Run Git from the Windows Command Prompt”?

I believe so , yes. it is the first option of the three available, yes??? is there a way to check/change that particular setting???

Never mind. i decided to do some tinkering with git and I found the “Create repository” and set it up manually from the Git GUI. Thanks for putting up with a complete newb :slight_smile:

ok, seam to have a new problem. now that i have everything set up, or at least I think I do, i don’t know how to share it with the rest of my team. i have heard about branches and forks but have no idea what they do, and the “tutorials” make no flipping sense what so ever!!! (I’ll be so glad when i’m no longer a newb) What would you suggest for sharing my game with say…4+ people???