Source code Kinect4Unreal

Hello, I’m new on the forum, I mean I read you a lot but never wrote until now.
I developed an installation using the plugin Kinect4Unreal with Kinect V.2 on the 4.20 version, but now I would like to build a standalone version of it and I understood that its not possible to compile the project without the source code of the plugin which are not given in the free version that i found online on opaque.
I wrote them an email to ask how/where to get/buy it but I guess that it’s quite an old plugin so I’m a bit sceptical about getting an answer…
Does anybody already had this kind of pb and found a solution or got an answer from opaque?
I need to present this installation soon and I’m a bit stuck… any help would be super appreciated…!!
I really need the installation to be autonomous, so to dont play it through the editor.
I saw there is a “new” plugin for the Kinect, Im considering to buy it for my next projects but as this one is finished and I have to use it very soon I would prefer not to have to begin from 0 again…

Thank you very much in advance,