Source code dependencies

About an year ago this official tutorial video to compile the editor in VS 2013 showed; that the dependencies are downloaded through 3 separate links on the official release page.

However I don’t see that and I have read that the only way the dependencies can be downloaded is through the Setup.Bat file which can be upto 4 GB

I can’t find any external links to download the dependencies… are they available anywhere ?? 4GB is a huge download and I don’t want my internet connection to screw up a download due to slow connection or connection drop etc.

Please help.

Hi Legendster,

If you download the source code zip file, it will include the Setup.bat file you need. Running that will get you the dependencies. All the instructions for setting up your source code build are on the GitHub page if you scroll down.

Hope that helps!

You didn’t get the question perhaps. I was asking if there are external links to download the dependencies like it was there about a year ago. (As seen in the vid)

I know hitting the Setup.bat through commandline will begin the huge 3400+ mb download but for people like me a slow internet connection could screw that up.

I have failed to clone the repo for 4 times in a row since I have posted this question.

Ah. No, there aren’t external links for those anymore. The only way to get those dependencies is through the Setup.bat file.