Source Code Alternative Download?

I need to download the Unreal Engine 4 source code and dependencies from the Release branch. However, I’ve got an unreliable internet connection and there’s no way I can download a 2.5gb file without interruptions. Is there an alternative download link that supports resuming of interrupted downloads? Or is there a way to send it to my dropbox or something?

The only thing I can suggest is perhaps to find a good Download Manager?

If Dropbox will allow you to do so, that might be a good option!

Ok, so how do I send it to dropbox without having to download it first?

I haven’t tried with my download manager yet, but I’m guessing that the server will still report that it doesn’t support resuming of downloads.

The download manager can’t even access the file. Error 404, file not found. Even though I fed in my github username and password. Probably something to do with the repository being private.

I have a Dropbox account, send me a PM if you want me to upload it.

Just be careful … although the Engine is now FREE there may still be some restrictions with regards to sharing the source code … please see the Source Code section on the FAQ.

I personally would wait until some from Epic gives the go ahead on this … just to be safe.

He must have a login in order to post here so he is entitled to access the Source Code.

Having a login on the forum doesnt say anything about entitlement to access the source code…

You have to use your Epic Launcher login to post on the forum now

dinker99 … I am not saying don’t do it … I am just saying rather contact Epic and ask if it is okay or wait until they respond on these forums. I am just providing you with the information that we all have access to and although it is a bit of a grey area … I would rather you wait for official confirmation.

That’s all I am saying. The choice is still yours and the OP however.

“Unreal Engine 4 source code is available to subscribers to be downloaded from the Unreal Engine GitHub repository.”

Yes … but you are now using DropBox to give it to another user … hence my comment about it being a grey area. But do as you see fit … I have expressed my concern but the choice is yours.

In my opinion Epic are breaking their contract by not making the Source Code available to all users, direct downloads are always a problem in the Third World.

What contract would that be … the one where you are given the engine for FREE on their terms … sorry but I think you need to maybe check what you think the problem is.

And by the way … I live in South Africa … classified as a Third World Country … and I am able to download the engine. I have sympathy for the OP who is struggling to download the mammoth download, but stating that Epic is breaking some contract is a bit naive in my opinion. As I have stated many times … do what you want … I just think you need clarification from Epic before you run the risk of possibly breaking the EULA that you agreed to when you signed up and downloaded the engine.

Thanks a lot guys…

South Africa is miles ahead of Nigeria in the telecommunications department. If the github servers allowed resuming of private source code downloads, I wouldn’t be having this trouble. I guess this isn’t something that’s common, so I can’t really blame anyone (Epic or github) for not foreseeing this. But like @dinker99 pointed out, I’m entitled to the source code, so I don’t think there’s any harm done by sending me a link via dropbox.

Thanks again.

I found this in the FAQ:

Can I share the Unreal Engine source code or tools with others?
You can share the source code or tools, along with any modifications you’ve made, with anyone who is an Unreal Engine licensee who is authorized to access the same version of the engine as yours, e.g. the 4.x.x version number of your installed build.

I’m trying to find an alternative download for the dependencies downloaded by the Setup.bat, myself. If somebody could provide an alternative for that, I’d be quite appreciative.

Open Setup.bat with Notepad

I’m looking at it. I don’t see anything that suggests an alternative location, though the “rem Install prerequisites” section points to Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe that does not seem to exist (?).

Hey guys-

I understand 's consideration of the EULA and hesitation on the subject, however I can confirm that as long as both parties have an account that it is possible to share the source code download file (and thus the source code itself). Hope this helps clear up any confusion. Best of luck to you, khalibloo, in getting started with UE4.


Thank you, .
It would be nice though, to have it readily available for download in the forums. I’m sure there are lots of others that would benefit from it. Not to mention, I’d like to be able to get future updates easily.

I’ve started using the engine already and I gotta say, I’m really blown away by how intuitive everything feels. I’ve already made half a game :slight_smile:
Thanks again, everyone.

Thanks for the clarification. 8-}