Source build error


i tried to build the source code they succeeded.
but when i create a BP project the Launch Failed.

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Hey -

When you built the source code what was the solution configuration and solution platform set to? When building the engine from source for the first time you want to make sure that these are set to Development Editor and Win64 respectively. If you open the UE4.sln file and rebuild with these settings you should be able to create a new project after launching the editor.


it was set to development editor and win64
it was build in because we need it for the platform

Hey -

What is the platform you’re using? As of 4.7 is only supported for XBox One development. If you are developing for something else you will need to use VS2013 instead.

i have it now running on I compiled also development and now its working on pc

Just to clarify, you were able to build the engine and create a new project, correct? Are you still having any issues getting your source version to create projects?

yes thats correct i now gonna try for xbox but i cannot discuss this here.