Source Build and plugin errors

I have a project started with 4.17.2 from the launcher. I use a few free plugins such as LoadingScreen, VictoryPlugin, AdvancedSession and also RaveSplineMeshBuilder from the marketplace.
I now got the Source for the 4.17.2 released from github so i can build a dedicate server.
After successfully build and open the Source version, i’m trying to add those Plugin as i need them for my project but all of them ends up bringing a similar error that look like this:

Expected LoadingScreenSettings.h to be first header included.    UE4    F:\Work\UE4\UnrealEngine\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\LoadingScreen-master\Source\LoadingScreen\Private\LoadingScreenSettings.cpp    1

So i have many of those but for different files / plugins.

I tried to delete the “Intermediate” / “Binaries” and use the “GenerateProjectFiles.bat” but i always have those errors :confused:

I didn’t find much on the internet, anyone would know what i could do to fix this ?

It means it is trying to enforce IWYU on an old plugin that wasn’t set up for it. Unfortunately I’m not sure why that would happen.

Ok, i don’t have much experience with C++ but from the doc page about IWYU:

So inside the loadingScreen plugin i changed the .cpp files from:

#include "LoadingScreenPrivatePCH.h"
#include "ILoadingScreenModule.h"


#include "ILoadingScreenModule.h"
#include "LoadingScreenPrivatePCH.h"

It built fine so i guess i need to do that for all the files that shows up (there is a lot…)

But is this normal ? Why was it the other way around and working with the Binary version then ?
Like i said i don’t know much about C++