[sounds] no9 Footsteps Package
no9 Footsteps Package]( is wide selection of footsteps recorded in various natural environments like forests, meadows, muddy pathways, dirt roads, construction sites piers, wooden deck etc. 36 main sound cues are based on lots of randomized oneshot files, up to 200+ sample per sound cue. Collection includes also 250+ soundcues dedicated for cartoon, platformer games or animations which are based on one or two variations per soundcue with slight modulations.

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What’s inside? Let’s quickly look at folders inside package:

Main folder listing [35+ SoundCues] includes footstep types like:
Bricks Debris Type 1, Bricks Debris Type 2, Cardboard Shreds, Debris Rubble, DR Clangorous, Dirt Road, Forest Cover, Glass Grit, Glass Grit Clinging, Glass Surface Thick, Grass, Hay Straw, Ice Crackle, Leafs Dry, Loose Pavement Tiles, Metal Scaffolding, Mud Dirt Run, Mud Dirt Walk, Sand And Gravel, Sand Run, Snow Deeper, Snow Shallow, Stones Type 1, Stones Type 2, Tarmac Soft, Thickets, Water Puddle Deep, Water Puddle Deeper, Water Puddle Shallow, Wire Fence And Bushes, Wood Old Deck Type 1, Wood Old Deck Type 2, Wood Old Deck Type 3, Other Wood Sounds Jumps/Breaking, Wood Type 1/2/3.

Cartoon And Other Footsteps subfolders [250+ SoundCues]:
Alien, Arcade 8bitish, Comic Toys, Insectoid, Metal, Other, Raspy Noises, Robots Mechs, Steps Big Stomps, Steps Medium, Steps Small