Sounds dimming upon new sound starting

I have a flashlight set up for the player to use in my FPS. When the player presses the “F”" key the flashlight appears and a sound cue is played. When I press “F” while my ambient background music is playing the flashlight sound cue dims/muffles the music. This happens throughout the level whenever a new sound is triggered and another sound has already been playing.

What should I do to fix this? I essentially do not want any music/sounds to be dimmed when other sounds are triggered.

Hello Pinchinator13,

Essentially you need to set up some volume ducking so your sounds do not ‘overlap’ or ‘drown’ one another out.

Volume Ducking Documentation

Let me know if you found this helpful or if you need further information.


In my flashlight instance up above, would I apply the ducking to the flashlight sound or the ambient music sound?

What you would want to do is create your Sound Classes. These sound classes will have their own specific volume setting based on what you want to be louder or quieter.

Assign your flashlight sound to lets say, the ‘HUD’ Sound Class. Then apply the background music to the ‘Exceptions’ sound class. Now whenever a sound plays from your ‘HUD’ class i.e. your flashlight, your background music will ignore the ducking and maintain its volume.