Sounds and artists needed for VR Energy Sword game.

**I am no longer accepting applications at this time

Current game-play state similar to Audio Shield or Space Pirate Trainer. I am nearing completion of a playable alpha and have used Copyrighted assets as placeholders for several of my sounds. Examples include laser sword ignition, enemy/wall striking sound, laser deflected, laser hits player, sword thrown, sword idle loop, and energy charge-up sounds.

Game will be broken up into various game modes
Endurance: enemies re-spawn instantly and more are added as time goes on until player is defeated. [90% complete]
Level Clear: Game continues until enemy wave is cleared. More advanced game-play elements added as game progresses. [game elements completed, ladder system to be implemented]
MOBA/King-of-the-Hill: In planning stages, will begin development after early access or funding campaign has completed.

Interested parties should be willing to see project through to completion. Payment is per asset. I would not be looking to hire if I weren’t ready to start pre-sales soon, and can offer a royalty package in addition to up front payment to talented developers who would work with me on up-front payments.

Assets Needed
Sound Effects
UI concept and design
3D modeling

Primarily looking to hire two artists at this time: one for sound/music, and one for 3D modeling for drones, droids, and other mechanical 3D meshes.

About me
At my previous game design company we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and saw the project through to initial release. This gives me a familiarity with following a game through completion, the challenges of release, and the roadblocks that can present themselves after a crowdfunding campaign. After that my role with the company moved to learning UE4 to create a digital version of our game. I have since then spent nearly every day using the engine and have taken to freelancing my talent with Blueprint. I’m at least good enough at it that people are willing to pay me for it.
I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished with this project and have had stellar reviews from play testers, who often tell me its the most fun out of all the VR games I have in my library. As such, I have no doubts about the viability of the project, and I’m hoping to have early access on the market within 8-12 weeks.
In an ideal world, I could attract the talent I need to complete the multiplayer game mode from there, but am comfortable tackling that myself if it comes to it.

Please send inquiries to

Thank you.

I’ve sent you an email! The project sounds like a lot of fun, I’d love to be able to work on it.