sound will not turn off once my button has been pressed

so im trying to make a little game where you enter the room and the phone rings. the player goes to the phone and presses E but it will not turn the sound off. i know the button works as i put a print string on it

Hello wewillywilkie!

I will try to help out if I can but things might be different depending on how you are planning on setting up your game. However I would first approach this by moving your blueprint away from the level blueprint and into an actor blueprint.

This is just an example setup of your blueprint with only three components: Phone, Audio, and a Trigger Box.

This part in the event graph just allows input when your character enters that trigger box and disables input when your character leaves (in your case getting too far away from the phone).

You can then trigger/play your audio on and off with your E key.

I hope this helps or gets you a little closer to what you are trying to achieve. Let me know if you wanted something different or need more help!

i’ve done what you have done but when i go to it it still doesn’t turn off

Are you triggering the audio file from your level or your blueprint? Could you also forward me the audio file?

iv figured it out now but thank you without you help id be stuck on this for so long, there is another issue i have if you could help me

What is it you are having an issue on? I’ll see if I can help.