Sound Waves not playing in Content Browser

Hey guys. For some reason I’ve recently been finding some sounds don’t play/preview in the Content Browser. Took some time to look in to it today and it’s seems to be that any Sound Wave file that is set up with a Sound Attenuation preset I’ve made does not play in the browser, but does play in the game. If a Sound Wave file isn’t linked to a Sound Attenuation preset then it DOES play in the browser.

Furthermore, Sound Cues are playing whether they’re linked to Sound Attenuations or not, and whether or not they are containing Sound Waves that are themselves linked to a Sound Attenuation.

I should also note that this doesn’t seem to be a permanent thing. It’s the case almost all the time but, for instance, when I looked at it today I was playing around with changing some settings to see if it was one particular thing and came back to having everything as it was when I started…and randomly the sounds started playing in the browser. Thinking I’d somehow fixed it (without actually changing anything in the end) I went about my work. A couple of hours later I tried again and they weren’t playing in the browser anymore. Attempted the same changes and reverting back I did earlier but to no avail. Then sadly the editor froze and crashed, so I re-opened it and the sounds are again playing in the browser.

As I said, it’s happening almost all the time, but seem to have these random periods where it will work for a while.


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