Sound wave/ Sound cue - auto activate when you walk into attenuation.

I’ve put a sound node right in front of a TV with a wav file of the TV program to play the audio at the exact time the media player also gets played (in level blueprint) But it wont actually start playing before I walk into the attenuation of the cue/wave… And when I walk out of the attenuation, it seem to either stop or just restart whenever I walk back into the attenuation. This can’t happen or else I need to go around and make sure I pause it when they walk out of it and stuff… Why is it acting so weird, is it how they made it work?

AFAIK UE4 doesnt handle sound virtualization and instead when a sound it inaudible (volume is at 0) it shuts the sound off instead of virtualizing it and keeping the sound going linearly in memory. So whenever you leave the attenuation the sound is stopping and when you reenter the radius it is indeed restarting.

Thats what is happening. How to make it work in UE4 I dont know, outside of using Wwise which does have sound virtualization. You could potentially try using Attenuation Inverse with a crazy large falloff radius so that the sound will be playing even if you move far away but is only heard when your pretty close. Using that and some AudioVolumes for occlusion might be a quick fix.

Yeah thanks. I’ve heard audio is not the best supported thing in UE4 atm, but hopefully this will be resolved sooner than later.

I assume this isn’t something you’re going to run into a lot, right? I mean, for MOST sounds, restarting it shouldn’t be a big deal. So for this one particular situation, a workaround would work, I would think?

I bring this up because what I’m going to suggest can get performance-heavy and kind of unruly if you do it with dozens and dozens of things.

But basically, what you do is have the TV audio file play when the level starts, the same way you would with background music. Then, instead of using attenuation volumes, you can just code in some sort of pop/push mix combination with an overlap volume near the TV. Basically, treat the TV talking as a dynamic level music track, which pops up when in the vicinity of the TV.

that could definitely work. But I’d rather have control over my audio when it comes to other type of things as well. but usually sound effects don’t last that long so its not the biggest issue ever. And yes there are workarounds sure, but again having the control is something I’d love to see further down the line of development, but it should definitely NOT be a huge priority.

This looks to be an issue with looping not checked, you can use que or wav file as long as you have looping checked: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-53644)