Sound visualizations plugin package problem

Hi, I’m using sound visualizations plugin to scale some bars according to the spectrum of the music/sound playing. This is working with no problem at all in the editor, but when I package and run the project, the bars don’t receive the sound information and remain flat. After some tests it seems that the problem resides in the plugin not working/sending spectrum information. Is there any problem with this plugin or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Hey im also having this issue right now. Anyone can help with this?

This plugin is designed for editor only use because of the way it accesses the soundWave objects. So unfortunately, unless it gets rewritten, you’re out of luck.

What’s the point of having a plugin that you cannot package ?

To Epic staff: could we please have more information about which issues make this plugin unusable in cooked game? Is it because of how data is accessed, maybe in a non thread-safe manner?

It would help us understand how to do similar things in a “clean” way.

I have also encountered this problem while trying to visualize sounds for Oculus Go for a personal project, and I would appreciate if UE developers will rewrite the plugin or make an alternative solution.

There is an alternative sound visualization plugin called ExiSoundVis.
I do not know if it is on the marketplace but you can find it in the forum (not AnswerHub).

It packages successfully for Windows but it causes Android to crash (at least the older version I am using does)
This is because it relies on a library that only works for Windows, that it uses for the waveform analysis.

Guys, UE4 evolve fast. (@detoxx112, Mightyenigma)

There is now (Since 4.22) a full range of fully supported feature to do this.
No need for external plugins!
There is Spectrum analysis now and envelope followers.
You can drive anything using a .wav file. (and now full MIDI support)

FYI as a good start:

This post is originally from 2014 you know :slight_smile:

Oh cool - so now I can get soundvis on Android I hope?

And I went to all that trouble to get it working in a custom build of 4.20.3 :\