Sound Visualization Plugin rewrite (that it can be packaged)

I have built a small game based on the sound visualization plugin and just found out that it can not be packaged.

I have built a small Christmas related game I wanted to send to some people and now it looks like all the work was pointless.

Im looking for someone who can fix the Sound Visualization Plugin up that I can package the game.

Good luck with that! If you manage to get a working solution, I’m in the exact same boat as you and would love to see a fix.

I ran into the same issue a week ago, but I dug around a bit to find the root of the problem. The reason the sound visualization plugin cannot be packaged is because it has a dependent module, Kiss_FFT, that Epic apparently excludes during the build process of the UE’s launcher version.

Downloading and compiling the full source code did indeed provide access to the Kiss_FFT library (it’s in there, sure enough…), but I was still unable to package it thanks to “Kiss_FFT Module cannot be found” errors.

While not very helpful right now, I’ve been assured that a fix for this issue will be included in the next release.

Thanks a lot for the update! I still look for someone to fix this earlier though. There is little sense to release my Christmas themed game in January.

You still want to release it for 2015?

The problem is that the editor loads raw wave-data in memory, while the packaged product does not. I’ve made a sound visualisation that loads mp3-files on the OS-level (bypass unreal) and then the audio data is processed in UE. Since it is on the OS-level, this only works in Windows 64-bit. What hardware are you targeting?