Sound Visualization Plugin Not Loading When Packaged

In 4.4.3 I’m getting an error when I try to include the sound visualization plugin and run the game via the ‘launch’ button.


Even if you just make a new blank project and include it and try to launch it, it throws this error.
Does anyone know how to fix it or is it something wrong with the plugin itself? :slight_smile:

This plugin is designed for editor only use because of the way it accesses the soundWave objects. So unfortunately, unless it gets rewritten, you’re out of luck.

WOW it’s very useful this plugin…

Is this still true? If so, why is it even included? Just wasted the whole day on this.

Honestly, looking back at it now, it’s a very very simple plugin. It was probably made more to showcase that it CAN be done (as a sample plugin), rather than as a fully fledged tool for distribution. Your best bet at audio visualizations is to roll your own plugin with the right functionality you need.