Sound Visualisation Plugin

I was taking a look at plugin and must admit I found it difficult to understand how to use.

I see 2 functions that can be called, each populating arrays of floats. One for frequency & another amplitude.
Would anyone mind explaining more about the contents of these arrays?

I think the frequency might represent the hertz value of the sample width, but the numbers don’t make much sense.

They seem to be decibel values as they go from negative to positive.

Does represent the level at the sampled frequency?
If so what is amplitude? The values are very high, I’m not sure what they represent.

Take a simple example of drawing a rect to a hud in a foreachloop for each array member.
would be to create a level meter with the bass frequencies on the left, going to highest on the right.

I tried a few iterations and found I could not implement the functionality. Would appreciate if anyone give can me a hand, or help by explaining things further.

Also looking at the source code there is a warning noting that the plugin will not work with cooked builds!
Can anyone confirm if that is the case and what real use it is it at the moment then?

I thought it would be something cool to play around with a bit , but it is proving more challenging than I had assumed.

Still interested in more info on the subject that anyone can provide.

Sorry I haven’t had any luck with the plugin either, but I just posted in another thread, so I thought I would add in case you are unable to get the soundvis plugin working for you:

FMOD is releasing a plugin in early September for UE4, and will have a pre-release version available soon if you sign up for it.

Here is the quote from my forum question about availability last week:

Keep an eye on page in early September for the plugin: