Sound trigger not working?!

I’m trying to trigger some music using a box trigger, I’m using the following level BP:

It just doesn’t want to work, any ideas on how to fix this guys?

The audio asset has been put in the level and had its volume multiplier set to 0.0 in the details panel so it doesn’t just play on game start.

If the asset has its volume multiplier set to 1.0 it seems to work from the trigger but unfortunately after a few seconds will play right from game start on entering the level.

It could be that something else is triggering the event. You haven’t specified what object triggers the event to happen so if something like the floor/other asset is intercepting the bounding box it will begin. After your overlap event add in a cast to (whatever your character is called) node so that only the character can made that event trigger. Hopefully that will sort it out!

Hi Steve, thanks for that, I’ll give it a shot

Btw trigger box is being used that is triggered by the player character colliding with it in the map.

Also isn’t there a collision setting for the trigger that can be set to player character or something similar?

It still wont work.

I’ve tried replacing the trigger, same thing:

The music asset has its volume multiplier set to 0.0 as default in the map, if it does have a positive value it autoplays on start up and that’s not what I want.

The trigger volume being used isn’t intercepted by anything.

Why is it doing this?!


And all of a sudden for absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER it starts working!

It does increasingly look like a bug of some sort with 4.15.1

Haha thats weird, glad it is working tho!

Thanks Steve!