Sound test not working

I want to hear the sounds inside the engine as I am making my game, but for some reason when I press “Play” the sound from the content browser menu, there is no sound at all. No matter what sound file I may try to play, there is no sound coming out.

How can I test the sound quickly from the content browser menu before I actually put it to the game itself through blueprint and play test?

In the picture you can see how I try to play the sound just to quickly see how it sounds before I actually would add it to my blueprint and in to the game.

Solved through other person’s question and answer thread. Simply enable your realtime audio from the viewport settings. If this does not help, then go to preference settings and go to Miscellaneous section and enable your audio from there. Also remember to restart your engine, since I saw that mine only started to work after restarting. Thank you!

Thanks. Enabling audio from the viewport settings worked out well.