Sound support is horrible or non existent

It’s really sad to see that only vaw format is supported, and that only PCM, ADPCM, DVI ADPCM specifications, I have bunch of vaw and mp3 files which I can’t import and use in my project due to

I come from Windows API world, and there is Media Foundation API which let’s you play just any media file format you wan’t, not just few vaw specifications.
You don’t need to pay for Windows API’s, so what is the problem? If DirectX is used in engine source code then why MF which also part of WinAPI isn’t?? do we need to use platform specific API’s to play sound? isn’t game engine supposed to provide these so basic interfaces?

Now it looks like playing mp3 in blueprints one needs to make blueprint library of specific platform sound API to make it work? sorry that is truly horrible.
I just wonder what is the reason?

I just looked at other game engines to see sound file format support and obviously it’s way better than in UE4 which supports only a subset of vaw files.

Not anymore?
Since 4.22 we get support for AIFF, FLAC and Ogg/Vorbis :slight_smile:

With Ogg support you should never need mp3 - which is older format. Ogg files are smaller, codec supports variable bitrate. And Ogg is open source, no strings attached.

I’ve never heard of the ‘vaw’ format, so I assume you mean ‘WAV’. WAV and PCM are interchageable terms and are the same format, you can import wav files just fine.

The mp3 format is not truly open-source, so Epic cannot include it in the engine. Blame stupid software licensing for that. I’m sure there’s probably a plugin somewhere to support importing .mp3 - everything you import get’s converted and compressed to OGG anyway.

The last mp3 patent died over 2 years ago. There are no strings attached to the format anymore. It doesn’t really matter at this point though.

Yep, there’s literally no point in supporting proprietary file format because “mp3 players” made it popular a decade ago.

Also Unreal’s audio engine operates internally either on WAV or Ogg. Mp3 would have to be converted to different format since there’s no advantage to use it in packaged game on any platform.

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Yes I meant wav not vaw, sorry my mistake, I didn’t know sound files internally get converted to ogg, unreal documentation mentions that only specified 3 specifications of wav files are supported nothing more.

TheJamsh, you said “you can import wav files just fine.” does not really hold the truth because vaw file which I have can’t be imported because of “unknown format error” which I pasted into my original post, obviously my wav files are not PCM, ADPCM, DVI ADPCM, AIFF or FLAC, but something else, I don’t know really because I downloaded them from one website long time ago and used them in my previous projects.

I don’t have sound studio nor any kind of software so I guess I’ll need to use some online converter and convert them to ogg format :confused:
Anyway glad to hear ogg format is supported, Now I must blame the documentation for confusion and myself for not looking at sound related code.

btw. I see now I got the “Infiltrator” badge, google translator can’t translate the word to my language properly, but I assume it means something like me being a spy or something like that? sorry just curious heh :slight_smile:

You assume correctly :slight_smile:

Infiltrator is the name of the early UE4 demo.
I’d recommend Foobar for quick converting audio files :slight_smile:

OGG was supported in v.4.22? I’ve installed v.4.22.3 but still can’t import OGG files, is there any special way to import this format?

Thanks @MothDoctor, using Foobar with 24-bit converting to .wav solved my problem!

(I used .wav already but Engine said that it was incorrect, so I managed to convert it from .wav to .wav with correct bitrate by using Foobar and the bug gone)

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