Sound stopped due to duration

Hi, sometimes the playback of SoundCues are stoped before finish. I have removed the “suppress” for DevAudio in the ini file and I see this in the log:

DevAudio: Sound stopped due to duration: 3.65452 > 0.543968 : AudioComponent_1337

The SoundCues contains a random node with some sounds with different durations each. Seems that the PlaySound command takes the duration of another sound different to the current playing.

There are some way to fix this?

If the AudioComponent playback time is greater than it’s Duration/MinPitch (divided by), it will stop the soundcue and log that message.

I’m assuming it is deriving it’s duration on one particular wav in soundcue, even if there are others in there that are longer. That’s just a guess anyway.

Update: It gets the duration from the first wav node in the soundcue. So perhaps just connect your longest wav to input 0 on your random node.

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I will try that, thank you.