Sound repeat

Hi Guys,
i have a question for an function on ark dev kit.
I have make a Microwave and have the sounds. But it plays the sound it is on for 15 secons.
I like that the sound reapeat everytime thats run the Microwave.
Where’s the function for reapeat sound? Is like the Generator this sound runs only time thats generator is running.


so you want to make the sound loop when the microwave is running? Then you should have an activated emitter component like the generator and you will need an emitter blueprint like the generator one, then replace the soundfile references within the emitter blueprint and reference the emitter blueprint in the activated emitter. With the soundwave file you can choose to loop it

Thanks dude,
that helps me very. Now is working :wink:

can i use this for waterfalls and fires if they are in the world?

I’m not sure on mapping asset sounds tkat… sorry, exilog or uzumi might know