Sound Remains short film

My name is ibrahim and This is my first project with unreal 5


Greetings @IbrahimEloduley !

We warmly welcome you to the Unreal Engine community! :medal_sports:

Your first project with UE5 is so powerful and moving! Having recently lost someone dear to me, your film brought me to tears. In my lifetime, I have seen many media reports on the different wars of the world, and until you see the effect war has on the innocent, and have experienced the pain of lost, you could be blind to the atrocities of war.

Your film brilliantly touched on this subject. Not only that, you have shed light on the plight of women, the greed of the wealthy, the corruption of politicians, the sinking feeling of despair, the broken bond a father experiences having to say goodbye to his son - I intend to re-watch your video several times, as I am sure there are more themes to find.

Your art direction, your cinematography, and your lighting are spectacular in spite of the subject matter. Thank so much for sharing this with us! You truly are talented!

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Thanks man this sweet words is very kind from you.

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