Sound Reactive Material From GDC?

On the GDC presentation of the engine there was a sound reactive material, is this possible in 4.16? If so. How?

Thank you!

Yes, Dan’s quick-start guide talks about how to use source effects. One of the source effects is an envelope follower. You can register a BP delegate function to get called in BP on tick. The value in the delegate is the value of the envelope follower at that point in time. Then once you have the amplitude/envelope of the source, you can use that as a parameter to drive a material instance (and map to whatever material property you want to map to). Obviously the parameter can be used literally for anything… which is a pretty cool thing. :slight_smile:

Hiya Catelejo,

I actually posted in another thread about setting up an envelope follower here:

I’ll incorporate it into the Sticky thread in this forum.