Sound Playing Problem

Hi , i use “play sound at location” node and it’s playing well , but when
I use the “Audio Component” (Sound), in my blueprint to play a sound, i’ve no sound and got an error (Accessed None Sound From Node “SetWorldLocation” in graph “Event Graph” in Blueprint ‘charkh’ ) , please help.
note (i use wave format asset for “set sound” node and audio component object reference for “sound” variable)

I believe in this case there is no real world audio component, instead of setting the world location of the variable sound, you must spawn actor from class(sound actor), grab the actor return node, then set location and audio file. You must have a real actor to reference when editing a variable.

Thank you for reply . Can you explain more? (with image please).

I don’t know how to do that so can you tell me by sending me a text at 515 2497191