Sound Pickup Based On Pawn Not Camera

There doesn’t seem to be a sound forum per say so move this were you think it belongs. Also maybe I am overlooking something really simple or easy or perhaps not.

I need to have the sound pickup based off the Pawns location in the environment, not the camera’s location in the environment. It truly is one of those smaller details that breaks the emersion of the environment.

Example Setup
Say you have a Pawn with a camera stationed behind the pawn say 2000 units
The camera can swivel around the pawn
You have a siren with sound that emits up to 1000 units away

You have the pawn standing next to the siren
In game you do not hear the siren

You move the pawn 2000 units away from the siren
You spin the camera round and round
The siren goes on and off as the camera comes in range

Does this clearly explain the issue?
Is there a simple checkbox somewhere that I can just check to say play sound based on pawn position instead of the camera?

Thanks In Advance

If you’re modifying C++ and have your own PlayerController you can do this by overriding the function GetAudioListenerPosition. Unfortunately this is not yet exposed in any way to allow blueprints to specify the listener position, nor is there any easy toggles to change the default behavior.

Apologies for the trouble.

I wouldn’t call it trouble per say - just doing the ground work for others. Now that I know this I will just pass this thread on to our coder and let him sort it out.

Thanks for the Intel though and maybe it is something you want to offer up in blueprints.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but I have the same issue, wondering if this was exposed by now :slight_smile:

  • 1 Really need to control listener position from Blueprints !